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Brexit has ‘brought problems’ for Falkland Islands’ fishing industry, MP warns

AOL 18 Apr 2022
His comments were echoed by Falkland Islands government representative to the United Kingdom and Europe Richard Hyslop, who said ... Mr Hyslop said the EU is the main market for the Falkland Islands’ fishery exports, with exports accounting for “more than 50% of our GDP”, and “was an important market for meat exports”.

April 11, 1982, Forty Years Ago: Snag In Insat

Indian Express 11 Apr 2022
Britain won vital support in its diplomatic offensive against Argentina when the rest of the European Common Market banned imports in reprisal against the seizing of Falkland Islands ... the Argentines that they risk an armed conflict with Britain if they do not leave the islands.

Can Boris Johnson hang on to reflected glory from Ukraine?

Business Day 10 Apr 2022
Johnson, however, will be marketed by his party as a statesman. Forty years ago, the successful campaign to recapture the Falkland Islands from Argentina saved Margaret Thatcher despite record unemployment at home.  ... loss of access to the European single market?  .

The European Union excludes the Falkland Islands from the agreement with the United Kingdom

The Eastern Herald 27 Dec 2020
According to provisional estimates, the British inhabitants of the Falkland Islands could start paying tariffs of between 6% and 18%, for products that want to enter the European market ... Falkland Islands and up to 60% of the income of the Islands, this poses a serious challenge.

Isolation Helped These Islands Delay a COVID-19 Outbreak. Now, Being Remote Could be Their Biggest Problem

Time Magazine 27 Mar 2020
With none of them displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and travel between the Falkland Islands now heavily restricted, Evans says they’re not worried about the isolation of the months ahead ... Falkland Islands, the overseas British territory 400 miles off the coast of Argentina.

Falkland Islands Sea Lion Project Panorama, 2020 - Analysis of Oil & Gas -

The Oklahoman 11 Feb 2020
The "Falkland Islands Sea Lion Project Panorama - Oil and Gas Upstream Analysis Report" report has been added to's offering. Summary. Falkland Islands Sea Lion Project Panorama, the publisher's latest release, presents a comprehensive overview of the asset ... Scope ... SOUTH AMERICA FALKLAND ISLANDS (MALVINAS) ... Research and Markets ... .

Banning bets on falling share prices would be bonkers if Brexit panic sets in

The Irish Times 18 Oct 2019
As UK members of parliament gather at Westminster this weekend for the first Saturday sitting of the House of Commons since Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands in 1982, financial markets – and their regulators – are on edge ... Failure to get deal across the line could lead to market chaos.

Theresa May, forget Brexit and make diversity your legacy

Metro UK 19 Dec 2018
... minute concessions from the EU that won’t cripple the UK economy or reignite the troubles in Northern Island ... Margret Thatcher saved the Falklands and ushered in the free market, John Major began the peace process in Northern Island and David Cameron championed same-sex marriage.

Brexit: Falkland Islands government sounds alarm on leaving single market

The Independent 12 May 2018
The Falkland Islands’ government has sounded the alarm over leaving the EU single market, warning that the territory would take a “catastrophic” ...

Improved second half sees FIH lift expectations

Topix 08 Mar 2018
Falkland Islands-focussed specialist services group FIH updated the market on its expected trading performance for the year ending 31 March on Thursday, reporting that based on management results for the 10 months to January and on current levels of trading activity, it now ...

2Q16 Falkland Islands Mobile Operator Forecast, 2002 - 2018

Topix 27 Jan 2018
S.Atlantic . 2Q16 Falkland Islands Mobile Operator Forecast, 2002 - 2018 Submitted by 24.01.2018 Editor's note ... FOGL still lurks beneath the surface!!!! 2Q16 Falkland Islands Mobile Operator Forecast, 2002 - 2018 Telecoms and Computing Market Report has been published today ... .

Brexit will hit Britain's overseas territories hard – why is no one talking about it?

The Conversation 02 Oct 2017
Turtle Cove on the Turks and Caicos Islands ... A collection of about 40 tropical islands, of which eight are inhabited, people there were shocked at the result ... Bermuda is rich enough not to get EU money, but they do have similar concerns to the British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands about banking and financial market regulation.

Quieter Falklands trading sees FIH earnings fall

Topix 20 Apr 2017
Falkland Islands and UK-focussed specialist services company FIH Group updated the market on its trading for the year to 31 March on Thursday, cautioning that the results remained subject to audit and final approval by the board ... last year due to quieter trading in the Falklands.

In California, Squid Is Big Business. But Good Luck Eating Local Calamari

National Public Radio 01 Dec 2016
The rare percentage of that catch that stays domestically goes to Asian fresh fish markets or is used as bait ... In the U.S., the squid that ends up on our dinner table is typically Patagonian squid from the Falkland Islands or Humboldt squid — a jumbo cephalopod fished predominantly in Mexico and Peru.

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